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"In the Learning in Harmony Trust, we work in harmony to achieve excellence for all. We live and breathe our values and focus on doing things the right way, providing the perfect environment for all our children to flourish and succeed. And with a diverse range of schools in two contrasting locations, we offer a unique opportunity for professionals looking for a challenging and rewarding career in a supportive, creative and forward-thinking environment."
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JFK Teaching School Alliance

JFK Teaching
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Case Studies

 School-To-School Support

Throughout the academic year 2018-19, support was provided to Sheringham Primary School around the operation of their SEND class. The support involved working closely with the SENCo and class team to review the curriculum offer and teaching, as well as behaviour management. The support involved some initial observations and spending time in the classroom, getting to know the pupils and staff. The understanding and information gathered was then used to formulate a bespoke range of suggested changes, interventions and strategies which were discussed with the staff team. The focus was on developing insight, skills and confidence. Follow-up visits were arranged to review and support the implementation of feedback, facilitating continual development throughout the year. Over time, this resulted in observable benefits to and improved outcomes for the students.
In addition to the class-based support, Sheringham staff were invited to JFK School to observe practice, with a key focus for each visit (usually relating to an area identified through the previous Sheringham follow-up session). I also worked closely with the SENCo to discuss and review individual cases, providing guidance and advice where necessary and attending multi-professional meetings where appropriate.
Billy Hawes
Assistant Head Teacher
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